14 September 2013

more double play junkie junk

the junior junkie's generosity continues to be on full display here today as i showcase some more double play cards that were sent my way by the louisianian.  louisianite?  whatever, here is a very demonstratively double play card from 2012 panini triple play
just what is a double play, you ask?  well, let panini explain
now let's see some double play turns in action!

2006 topps alex gonzalez
that is a fairly colorful card.  it also look like there is a ufo hovering over the rangers' head.  also note that the ranger player is wearing the johnny oates memorial patch.  a lot going on on this card.

2006 upper deck jack wilson
provided without commentary

2010 topps craig counsell
while these reid brignac
and yunel escobar cards
are both from 2010 topps update

2010 upper deck yielded these nick green
brandon phillips
and brendan ryan
double play cards

and the last two of the post come from 2011 bowman - orlando hudson
and pete kozma
still more junior junkie provided goodness to come.  stay tuned!

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