01 October 2013

cards from 15 years ago

yes, i am still trying to clear out the scanned folder.  here are some cards that were brand new in 1998 - the year of the piazza trade.  i'll start with my lone paul konerko autograph.  it's an on card auto from 1998 upper deck sp chirography
konerko just finished up his 15th season as the white sox's first baseman.  15 years.  that's 5 more seasons than steve garvey played first for the dodgers.  seven more than wes parker.  four more than eric karros.  even gil hodges was the dodgers' first baseman for only about 14 seasons.  what if the dodgers had not traded konerko?  it boggles the mind.

1998 upper deck collector's choice todd zeile
that card pleases me, aesthetically.

also from 1998 upper deck collector's choice, ramon martinez
not as striking of a card as the zeile.

here's the back of gary sheffield's 1998 upper deck card
looks like it's camera day at dodger stadium.  camera day circa 1978 was the first time i was on the field at dodger stadium.  i wonder where the pictures we took that day wound up.  i might have to do some digging.  also, there's that date - 5/15/98.  the day that fox traded mike piazza to the marlins.  brutal.

1998 topps gallery eric karros
and 1998 fleer ultra eric young
here's a 1998 donruss mike piazza 'spirit of the game' subsert card
donruss went somewhat o-pee-chee with the 'traded to mets' text.  i guess spending only a week in miami doesn't really count.

1998 fleer tradition todd hollandsworth
just how many cards does holly have showing him at the fence?  it seems like a lot.

i hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and that the memory of piazza getting dealt wasn't too painful for you fellow dodger fans.

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The Junior Junkie said...

I was not collecting nor actively following baseball when Piazza got traded. When I found out I was liike "Fnuh?!?"