20 December 2009

hiatus-free heartbreaking cards that are long overdue

for some reason (laziness?) i discovered that i had a couple of scans featuring cards i had received from matt at heartbreaking cards of staggering genius. with his recent return from a (semi?) hiatus, now is a good time to show them off.

1981 fleer steve howethis has been referred to as 'the catwalk' card. steve is certainly striking a pose, although he isn't too fierce, and he has failed to 'find the light'.

2004 fleer tradition dodgers team leaders2003 was a down year. 23 home runs led the team? 85 rbi? beltre, of course, would almost double his home run total the next year before leaving.

2000 ud hologrfx gary sheffield this card scans nicely. i enjoy how the colors 'bleed into one' like in the 'ishfwilf' video. right around 2:44 or so.

matt sent a bunch of vladdy cards, too, including a 2008 ud spectrum i wonder where legless vlad will play next year?

there were some twins, like this 2009 topps walmart black league leader card featuring justin morneau and this 2009 topps turkey red insert of carlos gomezwho was traded for jj hardy, shown on this 2009 topps walmart black card turning two!

thanks matt for the cards and welcome back!

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