13 June 2013

more final tributes done differently - 1997 upper deck style

there were some high profile retirements during and following the 1996 season, and the three most notable were ozzie smith, andre dawson, and kirby puckett.  upper deck actually took the time to note their retirements on a highlights card in their 1997 set
they slapped the 'final tribute' shield on ozzie's card
and gave us full career stats on the back
likewise for the hawk
but kirby's series one card didn't get the shield
even though both the front and the back mention that he was no longer active
upper deck redeemed themselves in series two, however, and added the shield to a card featuring a scene from his farewell ceremony in the metrodome
lost in all this is alan trammell, who also got the final tribute shield
and complete career stats on the back (on a card from series one)
i guess upper deck was fairly confident that tram wasn't hof material when they made that highlight card.

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Nick said...

These are all great final tributes. I especially like the Puckett(s) because he didn't even play in a regular season game during the '96 season.

I'd never seen that Metrodome one before, though. I'll have to find a copy of that one for myself! It's a beauty.