22 August 2013

two very happy returns

do you remember my modest 1978 topps dodger autograph project?  the one i finally completed when i found an ed goodson autographed card online?  well, i was admiring the cards in my binder shortly after that final acquisition and noticed that the garvey in the collection was ballpoint rather than sharpie. i do have a sharpie signed copy that i picked up from kit young about 20 years ago, but i was hoping for one signed ttm.  so, i packaged up 4 cards, a donation to the garv's charity (youth baseball of palm desert) and waited for the bubble mailer to return.

the check was cashed, but the cards did not arrive and i assumed the package had been lost in the mail.  so, a couple months later, i sent a single copy of the 1978 topps card and not too long after that, received a familiar looking pwe.  it contained my card, although it was once again signed in ballpoint.
that's ok, because how often do you get a signed card in the mail from your favorite player of all-time?  well, more often than you might think, as the very next day, my bubble mailer showed up containing these beauties

a 1978 topps card
1999 upper deck retro
(sweet dodger stadium shot)

2001 fleer greats of the game
these cards look fantastic signed, and i am happy that he added his number.  i think i might now have base cards signed by all of the surviving dodgers in this set - garvey, cey, wills, craig, erskine, and parker, plus a duke snider card, too!  oh, crap.  i forgot about tommy lasorda and don sutton.

here's the last of the garveys - a 2012 topps golden moments insert
for the sake of comparison, here is the short printed certified autographed edition of that card that topps put out.
it took me a while to track a copy down, but i did.  still, i prefer the on-card ttm version.

i am left feeling happy and a little relieved.  i never take ttm for granted, but i was really looking forward to this return.

thanks steve!


steelehere said...

Can you post the specifics on the address to send for TTM signing by Garvey as well as what needs to be donated to charity? I've been wanting him to sign a few items as well.

gcrl said...

steelehere - i scanned and posted a copy of the flyer garvey sends regarding his charity on this post


the flyer also lists an address, although for these recent successes i used the prospector address found at scf. email me directly at gcrl@comcastDOTnet if you need more info.

good luck!

Arno said...

Oh man, that Golden Moments TTM does look way better. Very elegant