12 August 2013

this way to the roy-fest

i recently received a 3-card pwe from this way to the clubhouse.  the contents were not entirely unexpected, as i was informed of the impending arrival of a nefarious 9 want ahead of time.  that particular card was this 1987 drakes steve sax card.
hooray for hand cut oddballs!  saxy, of course, was the 1982 national league rookie of the year for the dodgers - number 4 on their run from 1979 through 1982.  they had an even longer run from 1992 through 1996, with raul mondesi taking home the honors in 1994.  his 1995 upper deck collector's choice special edition card was also in the envelope
mondy's just chillin' by the bat rack with his wrist wrap that he put on himself (at least according to his 1998 topps card.  the back of the card is nice, too, with a dodger stadium at bat on display.
mondesi was my favorite of the five in a row rookies of the year, by the way.  still, i was pleased when shawn green joined the dodgers in exchange for him.  moreso than with sheffield, bonilla, and the others that came over in the piazza trade.

the third and final card in the envelope features the 2006 national league rookie of the year, former marlin hanley ramirez
that would be his day-glo parallel from 2013 topps archives, but those suckers don't scan very well.

here's a photo which is also pretty bad
it is looking like the dodgers might have their first rookie of the year since todd hollandsworth in 1996 this year.  not sure if it will be puig or ryu, though.  and, i do recognize that the marlins' jose fernandez might have something to say about this, too.

thanks for the cards mark! hope you enjoyed the return pwe!

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