25 August 2013

a refrac black back kershaw attack

thanks to the cardboard junkie, i came into a trio of kershaw cards.  2013 topps heritage chrome,
2013 topps heritage chrome refractor,
and 2013 topps heritage black back
also known as the venezuelan parallel.  maybe when kershaw is done saving africa, he will help out in south america.

another back worth showing is the back of steve garvey's 2011 topps 60 insert.  aside from tommy davis, steve garvey ranks 2nd on the los angeles dodger all-time single season hits leader board (tied with steve sax).  that's good enough for 8th on the franchise leaderboard, as shown on the card.
dayf threw in a couple of offermans (offermen?) - 1993 leaf
and 1994 fleer
you might think that if i am showing you two jose offerman cards, then the package must have been pretty bad once you got past the kershaws and the garvey.  that was not the case.  here is a very nice 2002 upper deck kaz ishii card
if you look closely enough, you can see half of tommy lasorda's head on the outfield wall.  i think this was the retired numbers mural.  this copy of the card fits nicely in my dodger stadium binder.

here's another card with the outfield wall murals in view (sort of) - 2001 upper deck gold glove gary sheffield
sheff did not win a gold glove, but it was 2001 and he was included in pretty much every set that year.  it's too bad that i can't tell definitively what the mural behind him represents.

here's the last card i will show from the trade package.  dayf took the time to check out my 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee want list, and sent me one of the last few cards that i needed - albert pujols
the head of the bat is just asking for some 'rick face' hijinks.

thanks for the trade dayf!

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