15 August 2013

i would understand if this were a rodney dangerfield card

so, while i am waiting for my dodger goodness from crackin' wax's charity case break of 2013 topps allen & ginter, i picked up a blaster.  i pulled no dodgers, but did get this card of soccer legend pele
the back is, literally, missing text 
i understand that there are full text versions and different colored back versions, so i am sure this is just some topps hijinks.

as a reminder, get your guesses in for what i spent with each dealer at the card show if you want a chance at some pre-1980 cards.  i will accept guesses in the comments of those posts up until midnight eastern tonight.  i will post the answers and identify the winners tomorrow morning.


Nick said...

This is just insane.

J. Meeks said...

If you figure anything out about this card, please share. I have it and the full text version and am trying to figure out what in the heck is going on. I'm thinking it has something to do with the Ginter code, but I have no idea what.

JediJeff said...

For those that do not want their Pele cards, text or no text, I can think of a certain home address you can mail them to.

Fuji said...

Love variation cards. Can't wait to read the story behind this card.

Crackin Wax said...

The purple cards are likely blacklight cards with invisible ink printed on them.