08 August 2013

patp saspwe

when it comes to a new pedro guerrero card, i get a little anxious.  brian at play at the plate had pulled one and was holding it for me.  i had a very short stack of rangers to send his way, so i sent them along with a sase to help get petey back my way.  soon thereafter, this 2013 topps archives 1983 all-star insert was in my mailbox
but wait...brian added a couple other cards, including this 2013 bowman prospects jeremy moore purple parallel
and a byron buxton one, too!
people here in the land of 10000 lakes are pretty excited about buxton, so this was a nice add to the envelope.

thanks brian.  i have another package almost ready to go for you - this time i won't be including a sase.

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Play at the Plate said...

Glad you liked the extras. Until you asked for the Buxton, I'd never heard of him. You should see the Buxton I pulled the other day. I think I can post it tomorrow.