20 August 2013

ginter wax cracked!

these are heady days for dodger fans.  believe it or not, i was a little jaded last year after the big trade with boston.  that was not the 'dodger way' that i grew up with.  now i am happy to see the team in first place and looking forward to the remainder of the season and beyond.  besides, with all these marquee players on the roster, there are a ton of dodger cards in recent releases.  take 2013 topps allen & ginter as an example.

i received my haul from crackin' wax's charity case break.  the healthy stack of cards begins with this matt kemp box topper
and continues with a few complete team sets.  let's take a look at all the base dodger goodness in this set.

sandy koufax
jackie robinson
yasiel puig
clayton kershaw
paco rodriguez
hanley ramirez
chad billingsley
andre ethier
hyun-jin ryu
adrian gonzalez
josh beckett
aj ellis
duke snider
and short-printed matt kemp.
wow.  what, nick punto doesn't rate?  actually, i am kind of surprised that a few of those guys made the checklist.  14 cards out of a set of 350, not all of which are baseball players is a pretty high ratio - that's yankees territory!

here are the dodger 'across the years' cards that i received.

andre ethier
adrian gonzalez
clayton kershaw
sandy koufax
jackie robinson
and then there are the minis.


hanley ramirez black border
and jackie robinson
that would be the a&g back version
but wait, there are relics, too!

(not shown, a second ramirez relic)

and a full sized andre ethier
that is some serious checklist domination brought to you by the free spending dodger owners.  and, there are other dodgers on the relics and auto checklist that didn't get included in the base set.  i should have a couple of those to showcase later this week.  no autos for me, unfortunately, but i can't complain about this haul.

topher also included one more card, just for kicks i suppose.  a 2013 bowman platinum clayton kershaw
as if all that ginter wasn't enough.

thanks topher! can't wait for your next team case break!


Nick said...

That Kemp box-topper is a beaut!

Stealing Home said...

Just sent you an email asking about that extra Hanley relic.

Crackin Wax said...

Glad everything got to you safely! I think, other than Deb, you ended up with the most hits. About the Bowman Platinum... I recently busted a blaster of BP and just decided to distribute the contents to my A&G group. I only had the one Dodger.

Congrats, and hopefully you'll consider the TTT break! :)