21 August 2013

series two who?

with all the allen & ginter fanfare, most of us seem to have moved on from 2013 topps series 2.  i guess i have, too, but not before i picked up a team set and a bunch of inserts, as well as the four short prints topps saddled us dodger collectors with.

here is my favorite of the bunch - adrian gonzalez signing for fans inside dodger stadium
this is a nice stadium shot, and it looks like gonzalez is signing for the kids.

clayton kershaw, on the other hand, is dealing with some adult autograph seekers on his sp card.
there are also two close-up short prints in series two that feature dodgers - matt kemp
and hyun-jin ryu
how long has it been since we have seen those sorts of close-ups in a base topps set?  a while, i think.  i kind of miss them, now that i think about it.  i actually like these two cards.  crazy.

here are a couple of wbc inserts featuring dodgers hanley ramirez and gonzalez
mexico needs new unis.

how about a ryu emerald parallel
and a carl crawford gold parallel
got 'em both.

the dodgers are very well represented in the chasing history insert set, too.  here's cc again
along with gonzalez
and, surprise surprise, gary sheffield.  regular
and foil, too!
no matter what else happened, sheffield certainly did mash as a dodger.  these cards celebrate his 2000 season in which he set the la dodger record for slugging percentage.  these are the only sheffield dodger cards this year - the other cards he appears on have him as a marlin or a yankee.

then there are the oldies but goodies, like sandy koufax
duke snider (in die cut form)
and jackie robinson
that's one of 'the elite' insert cards.  it's pretty thick and nicely done.  maybe a bit too much like museum collection, though.

i guess i am ready for update now.


Captain Canuck said...

*mental note* take series 2 out of gcrl's pile.......

night owl said...

The Sheffield foil card is weird. Unlike the other foil-shiny cards from that insert set, the "chasing history" strip is silver like all the non-foil ones, not white, like the other foil chasing history cards.

(As you can tell I've examined this card in my collection a little obsessively).