08 August 2013

a writer's perspective on cards i collect

i recently received some cards from jt at the writer's journey.  he was kind enough to help me understand exactly what he was sending.  have a look.
1987 topps tiffany dave lopes record breaker
not bad for an old guy.
there were a couple of double play cards (what else would there be?) in that sleeve, including this 2000 mlb showdown card of damian jackson (i think)
and then there was this...
so, we know it's an orel hershiser card, even though he didn't steal the 1988 nl cy young from danny jackson no matter what a particular reds' fan thinks.  the two had identical records, but only one of them pitched 59 consecutive scoreless innings that year.  anyway, it's a 2004 topps all-time fan favorites card of the bulldog
and, while cool in its own right, it is equally as cool due to the presence of roy campanella in the background.

thanks jt!


Fuji said...

I've probably owned 25 copies of the original 88T Bulldog... yet in 25 years I never noticed Campy in the background. Thanks for the cardboard education.

Jason T. Carter said...

Glad they arrived safely. I know, I'm just bitter about '88. For once we have a pitcher who has a GREAT year...and there's someone who is better. Stinkin' consecutive scoreless inning streak...

JT, The Writer's Journey