13 August 2013

card show recap, part one. with a contest!

over the course of a few posts,  i am going to recap the card show i went to last saturday.  at the end, i will list all the cards i purchased and ask for guesses as to how much i spent.  i am comfortable with what i spent, i am just curious as to what you all think.  the closest guess will win some cards from a team of their choice.  i will also ask for guesses on each post.  again, the closest will get some cards from a team of their choice.  these will all be pre-1980 cards, unless you are a fan of the rockies, marlins, rays, or diamondbacks.

let's start with the first dealer i went to.  this was the guy that sold me the koufax rookie last year.  he had a bunch of stuff that he picked up at the national on his vintage bargain table.  plus, he offered to buy folks a hot dog and soda.  you see, he sends out emails prior to the shows he attends locally, and noted at the bottom of his most recent (and lengthy) email that he would treat those who actually read the whole thing to a hot dog and soda.  i mentioned it after we settled up on cards, but declined the offer since it was only about 9:30 in the morning.

here's what i took from his loose vintage bargain table

1956 topps johnny temple
1956 topps eddie o'brien
because they are double play cards.  that temple card is sharp.  at first, i was certain that i already had the o'brien card.  then i realized that it looked familiar because bob lemke used it to create the 1956 topps bill mazeroski card that should have been.

1959 topps frank torre
maybe for a trade?

1963 topps tommy davis
1963 topps dave stenhouse
1963 topps chuck cottier
1963 topps bud zipfel
1966 topps mike brumley
1966 topps dp combo - schofield and lanier
1966 topps jim lefebvre
1966 topps don mossi
1966 topps don mcmahon
1966 topps clete boyer
1966 topps gene mauch
1966 topps howie koplitz

most of those cards are for patp.  the tommy davis might be an upgrade for me, and i just can't leave a 1966 topps jim lefebvre card on a bargain table (although i did leave about 5 others there in the stack).  and the don mossi, well, it's the ears!

1961 topps harry bright
1961 post jim gilliam
my first 1961 post card.  not the only one i picked up that day, however.

1970 topps bill mazeroski
1971 topps tim mccarver
the maz might be an upgrade for my set, and the mccarver is for my 1971 topps set which i need to re-focus on.  plus i can consider this my 'good riddance' post to the retiring mccarver.

so.  what do you think those 19 cards cost me?  place a guess in the comments.  the second post will be up later tonight.


The Lost Collector said...

I'm going to go with $12.

night owl said...

If you got 'em for $25 that's a dealer I want to know, but sadly never will.

Play at the Plate said...

$30. Thanks Jim.

Fuji said...

You passed up a free hot dog? I'll go with a buck a card... $19.

Al Kawamoto said...

15 US dollars

John Hazen said...

Let's go with 20 bucks.

irondequoit36 said...

$16.50 sounds good

Stealing Home said...

N.O. got my $25 guess, so let's try $26.99.

The Junior Junkie said...

One dollar!

Greg Zakwin said...

8 bucks

Nick said...

I'll say $22. Thanks!

petethan said...

I'll go with $17.75. Thanks.

Superduperman99 said...


Superduperman99 said...


P-town Tom said...

Arrive late to the party and all the good guesses are already taken.

I'll settle for $23.

MrMopar said...


MrMopar said...

Oops, I only guessed based on the pictured cards. I'm sure i'll be off for that. if i can, i'd like to change my guess to $17.50.