24 August 2013

what's a wallach worth?

let's consult the expert on the subject, corey at the tim wallach blogi sent him a few timmy cards, and he sent some dodgers in return.
the hands down best card of the bunch was this 1989 starting lineup baseball greats don drysdale card
i say best because it was one i had not seen before.  i did some quick digging and found that the card was featured in this starting lineup two-pack
big d and reggie are indeed two baseball greats, but other than that, they have nothing in common.  they never faced each other, anyway.

as you might well know, you can't have drysdale without koufax.  corey included a 1982 kmart sandy in the package
there was another pitcher with ties to drysdale - orel hershiser - on an oddball of his own - a 1989 kaybee superstars of baseball card
hershiser, of course, broke drysdale's scoreless innings streak in 1988 en route to all kinds of hardware. 

here's a 1988 topps big mike scioscia card
big head mike likes the way little mike looks in the gear.

i'll end with a card from more recent times - a 2011 topps heritage dodgers dandies card
featuring matt kemp and andre ethier.  i would tie this all together with a reference back to drysdale as dandy don, but he was a football player.  let it suffice to say that a few tim wallach cards are worth a dandy package of dodger cards in return.  now you know.

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Thanks for the Wallach cards.