22 April 2009

oisk! through the mail success!

this ttm stuff is pretty cool. carl 'oisk' erskine returned the two cards i sent him in about a week, and he added his own card - personalized!

erskine started and won the first regular season game the dodgers played in los angeles. he also threw two no-hitters, won 122 games, and struck out a record 14 yankees in a 1953 world series game. erskine, along with sandy koufax and don newcombe, threw out the first pitch at the dodgers' home opener last year, celebrating their 50th year in l.a.

here's a 2005 topps 'dem bums' insert. it had the facsimilie auto, and carl added the real deal diagonally. i really like that the full body shot is of him running the bases with a somewhat panicked look on his face.

next, 2001 fleer greats of the game
this is the same issue i had duke snider sign earlier. i might try to get all the dodgers from this set - at least those that are still around. it's a good looking set and looks nicely signed. it appears that erskine started with a black pen and went to blue.

here's the custom card erskine provided.
the back touts his career accomplishments, along with a sports rehabilitation center he is affiliated with in indiana.

thanks oisk!

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night owl said...

Oooh, that is cool. Do you subscribe to an address service?

I hate to do something like that because I'm only interested in certain key Dodgers right now.