10 August 2013

encounters while searching for puig

yes, i was tempted by the lure of pulling a yasiel puig card from a pack last week.  i bought some 2013 bowman platinum (one of those three pack deals with three purple parallels at target).  i didn't do too badly from an insert ratio standpoint, but no puig.

i did get this clayton kershaw reprint, though.
as far as base cards went, i got a couple of other hot shot young pitchers - stephen strasburg
(are we past the point of showing his cards when we pull them?) and gerrit cole
here are the three purple cards, packaged separately for my convenience.  victor roache
kyle crick
and anthony rendon
if i pulled dodgers like i pull giants these days, i would have a lot more dodger cards than i already do.

now for the parallels.  i got a ruby will middlebrooks
a gold cole hamels
and a sapphire bubba starling
no puig.

so, i also picked up a couple of packs of straight up bowman.  this bowman prospects card of travis witherspoon caught my eye - not only is there a budweiser ad behind him, but one for hooters, too.
still, it's no lenny dykstra card

andre ethier made an appearance
as did a double play card, courtesy of the reds' henry rodriguez
among the two or three gold parallels, there was a rickie weeks in a nice throwback jersey
i was at the twins game this year against the brew crew in which each team wore throwbacks.  the twinkies wore in their saint paul saints unis, from back when the saints were the dodgers' aa affiliate.  good times.

another brewer - this time on a chrome mini refractor
 as well as a diamondback.
wanna bet that tyler's nickname is 'boz'?  or have we failed as parents?  and will anyone get that reference?

and then, there it was.  a bowman prospects silver ice parallel of a dodger...
jeremy moore is not yasiel puig.  and so, the search continues...

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