13 August 2013

card show recap - here's what i bought from the second dealer

here's the deal - i am recapping the goods i picked up at the card show last weekend.  guess how much i spent with each dealer and/or how much i spent overall and win some cards featuring players from a team of your choice.  it's just that simple.  the first post was up this morning.  here are all of the cards that i bought from the second dealer i visited.

this guy was from oklahoma, where the wind comes rushing down the plains.  he came straight from the national, making what he figured would be his lone minnesota appearance. nice guy.  he was selling mostly autographed baseballs, but had a couple of boxes of latter day singles, plus some hits in a case.  i stuck with the singles.

he was nice enough to have them ordered by team, which helped immensely since i was kind of on a time crunch.

2010 topps update brooklyn dodgers short print
duke, jackie and pee wee with a big ol' bat.  i had this card already, but couldn't pass it up.

2013 topps heritage sandy koufax/clayton kershaw then and now
after 2015, we won't see any dodgers on the heritage then and now cards for a long long time.

2005 topps heritage shawn green
can't believe this is the first time i have shown 2005 topps heritage on the blog.  i was so turned off by my bad 2001 topps heritage experience that i really didn't buy much of the stuff until 2010.  so, i need dodgers from those other years.

2004 bowman koyie hill gold
it's not the hill that sits atop my nefarious 9, but it was calling to me, for some reason

1999 bowman chrome adrian beltre international
they don't show up in the scan very well, but the palm trees and water in the background of this card were calling to me as well.

finally, i picked up two cards from 2013 topps spring fever - matt kemp
and adrian gonzalez
i couldn't remember which ones i had from the set.  i knew i had aj ellis, so i just went with kemp and gonzalez.  turns out i had kemp, needed gonzalez.

ok, that does it for dealer 2.  let me know how much you think these 7 cards cost me in the comments!


night owl said...

5 bucks. And if you have dupes of both the 2010 SP and the Kemp Spring Training deal, I'll take 'em.

P-town Tom said...

That's a sweet 2010 SP!

I'll guess $3.50.

Al Kawamoto said...


Captain Canuck said...

a buck.

MrMopar said...

$2.50, only because $2 was taken already

Stealing Home said...


Nick said...

I'll say $6.

Fuji said...


irondequoit36 said...


Greg Zakwin said...


Play at the Plate said...

$4.50, but I suspect the right answer has already been posted.