23 August 2013

uh, wait - what? hey! good god those are baseball card boxes!

pay attention to your peripherals, kids.  even when driving on a saturday morning running errands.  you never know when you might be passing by folks setting up a here-to-fore unknown flea market and catch a glance of some familiar white cardboard boxes being added to a table.

that's what happened to me last saturday.  i doubled back after completing my errand (hastily, i might add), and sure enough, my well trained eyes had not deceived me.  there were three or four large white boxes set up - dime boxes at that.  two of the boxes were even sorted by team.  by team!  what a timesaver.

i wound up buying 140 cards for 13 bucks.  it was awesome.

the very first card i saw was this 2008 topps chrome matt kemp xfractor

there were a bunch of non-team sorted inserts, too.  like this 2013 topps lance berkman cut to the chase die cut card
a 2013 topps opening day aroldis chapman blue sparkly parallel
and a 2010 topps angels/vladimir guerrero gold parallel
i wound up buying about 25 different gold parallels from 2006 topps update, as well as a few gold, emerald, and walmart blue parallels of 2013 topps.

there were some rarely seen sets represented in the boxes like 1999 upper deck victory.  i grabbed some dodgers and a double play card that was new to me.  hello orlando cabrera
let's get back to the dodgers.  here is a nice and shiny 1998 donruss mike piazza fantasy team insert
fellow rookie of the year raul mondesi was represented by this 1999 pacific private stock card
i also picked up a black bordered mini of rafael furcal from 2010 topps allen & ginter
in total, i had found 110 singles featuring dodgers, double plays, memorial patches and a few others that will turn into cards for some of you out there in baseball card blogging land.

the other 30 cards i bought were part of a twins' stadium giveaway set from 2005.  it features 29 of the most memorable twins moments throughout their history.  the 29 tied in with the local station that carried twins Saturday games that year.  can you tell that the station was the twin cities' fox affiliate? yes, the 30th card in the set features homer simpson.  
note that the geniuses who produced the set also misspelled 'collectable' as 'colletable'.  d'oh!
here's a look at nine of the cards from the set.  many of the images look like they were tv screen grabs, which makes sense, i suppose.
in addition to the homer card, we have cards commemorating the all-star game at the met in 1965 (the twins also hosted the all-star game in 1985 (at the metrodome) and will host it again in 2014 at target field).  there is also an homage to harmon killebrew's monster home run (which is still honored inside the mall of america), dave winfield's 3000th hit, eric milton's no-hitter (i was supposed to be at that game), bob allison's catch in the 1965 world series that robbed jim lefebvre of a base hit in game 2 (the twinkies beat sandy koufax to even the series at one game apiece), paul molitor's 3000th hit, kirby puckett's home run to win game 6 of the 1991 world series, and the first postseason game in twins history - game 1 of the 1965 world series.

the twins faced, of course, the dodgers in that series.  the photo which was used on this card features dodger reliever howie reed as he pitches to either mudcat grant or zoilo versalles.
back to the allison card for a moment - at target field, the twins have done a great job recognizing the history of the franchise, as well as baseball as a whole in the twin cities and the state of minnesota, too.  there is a wall where they have posted famous quotes and calls regarding the twins, and the dodgers' own vin scully is represented by his call on that catch by allison.  here's a picture i took during a tour of the stadium.
here are the rest of the cards from the set
that's not a bad set - killer, carew, tony o, and herbie pulling ron gant off the base.  not a bad flea market find.


night owl said...

What kind of flippin' fantasy world do you live in?

In all my years, spotting cards for sale on a roadside ... never.

gcrl said...

This flea market is scheduled to rise again in September. I would not have found it if it weren't for road construction that I was trying to avoid.

Have I ever mentioned the time back in 97 when I was driving back to my office, from a meeting, tried to take a shortcut, got lost in a neighborhood, and stumbled upon a guy's garage full of cards? He was setting up for a sale just as I was driving by, and only because his neighbor had a garage sale going on. Good times.

JediJeff said...

NO and I must live in nowhere land. I NEVER find cards at my flea market or garage sales.

Nick said...

That's awesome! Can't say I've ever spotted cards on a roadside like that.

Those Twins cards are neat! Love the one that shows their two triple plays against the Red Sox in 1990. Nice find on the Kemp X-Fractor as well. Not bad at all for a dime!

Crackin Wax said...

Worse still, it's actually "collectible."

Also... lol@MY29.

gcrl said...

You are so learned, papa homer.

mr haverkamp said...

Tks for showing the Gladden WS card....2nd time only I've seen it; it's been on my wantlist since 2006! Find another, hopefully at a roadside garage sale....

P-town Tom said...

From your history of detours it sounds like you need to "accidentally" run into a few more!

gcrl said...

Jim I have no prob breaking the set for you.

Jason Presley said...

I know it has been awhile, but do you still happen to have the Winfield/Puckett card and if so, would you be willing to part with it?

gcrl said...

@jason - sorry, i don't have these cards anymore. i'll keep an eye open at the local cards shows/shops though.