31 August 2013

i did some more platinum diving

still looking to pull a puig from a pack.  i have a few 2013 topps allen & ginter cards thanks to topher at crackin' wax and his charity case break, and play at the plate (i hope) is holding a 2013 bowman platinum base of puig for me, but that didn't stop me from buying some more packs and another blaster a couple of weeks ago.  i did pretty well as far as dodgers go.  better than last time.

gold parallel adrian gonzalez
 gold parallel clayton kershaw
base hyun-jin ryu
here's a base of former number one pick carlos correa
i like the 'stros orange jerseys.  and no, correa is not in the dodgers' old bullpen - those vertical lines show up when i scan shiny stuff on the right side of my scanner.

a top prospect card! not of puig, but of some yankee farmhand instead.
i pulled some sapphire parallels - nori aoki
 and darin ruf
and some more gold parallels - manny machado
and mariano rivera
plus a numbered green parallel of kyle crick
a lone ruby parallel - giancarlo stanton
and an xfractor of brad miller
there were even two die cuts in the packs i opened - mark trumbo
and james shields
early on, i found a dodger top prospect card, not of puig but of corey seager
seager is the younger brother of the mariners' kyle.  only time will tell if the dodgers wound up with the better brother.  history is not on their side in that regard.

with just a couple of packs left to open, the clouds parted and lo and behold i had a puig top prospects card in my hands

all the non-dodger stuff is available for trade if you are so inclined.  i plan to spend some time this weekend getting caught up on all the packages i need to send out so speak up if you want any of this stuff.


Captain Canuck said...

those are nice cards. I usually don't go for the shiny, but Platinum always gets me.

congrats on Pig.

btw, let me know on that email I sent you ...

Stealing Home said...

Congrats dude. That Adrian Gonzalez is awesome, and of course, you got the sweet Puig pull.

Way to go!

JediJeff said...

I'm gonna speak up:

can I have the Puig? heh heh heh....

The Angels In Order said...

Interested in the Trumbo diecut and any other Angels you want to send. I'll get some stuff pulled for you either way.