14 August 2013

card show recap - dealers 3 and 4 and the assault on my 1974 topps want list

all right.  moving on to the meat of the card show from last week.

before i get there, however, remember to let me know what you think i spent on these cards in the comments.  whoever is closest (or first with a precise guess) gets some cards featuring a team of their choice.

now then.  my primary goal was to complete my 1974 topps set.  i would have gone to dealer 3 first, but he was still setting up shop when i arrived.  this is the guy with the vintage bargain bins.  i have been buying slightly-off vintage from him for 14 years or so.  he also has a half-price vintage box with cards in better shape marked at half off of what i assume to be book.  who knows the last time he updated the prices, though.

i took some cards from there, including a 1974 topps nolan ryan
1974 topps nolan ryan/tom seaver league leaders
1974 topps bobby murcer/pete rose all-stars
1974 topps hank aaron special #2

i didn't need the hank, but i picked it up for a certain calgarian.  the ryan was the most expensive card i bought at the show.

now for those true bargain bins

1961 post johnny podres

1967 topps stan bahnsen/bobby murcer rookie stars
1967 topps john werhas
1968 topps deckle edge frank howard
1969 o-pee-chee jim lonborg
1969 o-pee-chee rick monday
1971 o-pee-chee clete boyer - love the 71 opc backs!
1971 o-pee-chee lew krausse
1971 o-pee-chee rod gaspar
1971 o-pee-chee merv rettenmund
1971 topps willie smith
1972 o-pee-chee mets team - featuring gil hodges
1972 o-pee-chee vida blue in action - look at how often new york shows up on the back
1972 o-pee-chee 1971 nl playoffs bucs champs
1972 o-pee-chee 1971 world series game 1
1974 o-pee-chee ramon hernandez
1975 o-pee-chee yogi berra/roy campanella 1951 mvps
yes, it it miscut, but it is a campy o-pee-chee.  in the most bargainy of all of this guy's bargain bins.  here's the back for you frenchies
ptd in canada!
1975 o-pee-chee joe niekro
1975 o-pee-chee mickey rivers
2 1971-72 o-pee-chee hockey cards for $30 a week habit

yes, i found some vintage o-pee-chee.  that doesn't happen - ever - at these shows.  the podres is the second 1961 post card in my collection (both from this show) and the werhas, while creased, was worth picking up because it took me so long to find one for my collection that i thought there might be a dodger collector out there that would be ok with one that is creased in half.  the murcer rookie was an impulse buy, but the '71 willie smith goes in my set.  not completely sure what i will do with most of these cards, however.  i am not about to start building any more opc sets (i have from 1977 through 1992 and just the variations from prior to '77).

on to dealer 4

i don't recall exactly when it was that i last attended this show, but whenever it was, i talked to this guy about my need for a few 1974 topps washington nat'l variations.  he emailed me later to let me know that he had the ones i needed and that he would bring them to the next show i attended.  i emailed him last week to let him know i was coming, and he brought the cards i needed.  unfortunately, i had already obtained a copy of one of the cards since our last meeting.  that would be the glenn beckert variation
here are the ones that are new to me - nate colbert
cito gaston
dave roberts
and the whole darn 'nat'l lea' team.
i became so so close to finishing that set after these two guys helped me out.

let me know how much you think i spent with dealer 3 and dealer 4 in the comments.  i am looking for individual amounts, not total.  next post coming later this pm.


Fuji said...

Hmmm... vintage is tough to gauge. I'll go with $14

Al Kawamoto said...

dealer 3 10.00
dealer 4-- 7.00

Captain Canuck said...


uh,... $55 and $12.

no idea.

Fuji said...

Oic... I have to break down my guess. Okay... here's an update. I'll go with $11 and $3.

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Dealer 3 - $14
Dealer 4 - $2

night owl said...

dealer 3 - $20
dealer 4 - $14

(I got a deal on my '74 Ryan a number of card shows ago, interested to see what your deal was).

irondequoit36 said...

Dealer 3 - $15
Dealer 4 - $6

Nick said...

Dealer 1 -- $19
Dealer 2 -- $6

Greg Zakwin said...

Dealer 3: $10

Dealer 4: $3.50 (Tree Fiddy)

mr haverkamp said...

I have #414 checklist (unmkd) for you....will send it off by the end of the week. Wish I had the 2nd one to finish your set!

Stealing Home said...

Dealer 3 - $8
Dealer 4 - 5

MrMopar said...

$45 and $6.50

Play at the Plate said...

$12 and $1.25.