22 August 2013

a fairly nice return

before last week, i had sent cards to ron fairly on two different occasions.  both times, there was no response.  no problem - they were shots in the dark.  one set of cards (a 1978 topps and a 1967 topps) were sent to his home address.  the other set (another 1978 topps and a 1968 topps) was sent to him c/o the mariners where he used to broadcast games. 

fast forward to last week when i noticed that he had signed and returned a few ttm requests according to  sportscardforum.  i quickly pulled a couple of fairly dupes - a 1962 topps and a 1978 o-pee-chee - and mailed them off.  i was pleased to find them in my mailbox just a few days later.
fairly was the last dodger to wear number 6 before steve garvey.  fairly was traded to the expos in june of 1969, and the garv made his debut in september of that year.  i actually knew him better as a broadcaster for the angels.

as much as i love the o-pee-chee variation (i recall pulling that very card from a pack in southern saskatchewan as a youngster), i only wish i had had a dupe of his 1978 topps card to add to  my partially signed set.  at any rate, it's great to finally have some signed fairly cards.

thanks ron!

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Brad's Blog said...

I love your baseball reference page sponsorship! I didn't know you could do that! Also pretty sweet TTMs!