08 May 2013

holy schmidt! that's a nice ttm success!

not a bad way to perk up a monday - finding a ttm return from a hall of famer in the mailbox.  yes, mike schmidt signed and returned my 1978 topps card in about a week!
i had noticed a spate of successes with schmidt recently, so i figured i would try my luck.  i sent the card c/o the national baseball hall of fame in cooperstown, and it came back to me postmarked from philly.  very very nice.  

while schmidt was never my favorite third baseman, i did respect his talent.  besides, his was one of the first baseball cards i ever saw, and the very first baseball glove my dad bought for me was a michael jack schmidt model.  so what if it was as stiff (and thin) as cardboard?  

we all know who my favorite third baseman was, right?  he was a contemporary of schmidt's, and he suited up for the team of my youth.  he also signs stuff through the mail.

i am afraid that i have taken advantage of ron cey's ttm generosity over the last few years, having sent many cards to him many times.  here are a few i have not yet shared on the blog.

three of the penguin's cards from 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams
and a 2001 fleer greats of the game
so there, with the '78 topps schmidt, you have three of my favorite sets to get autographed.  i have an '01 fleer gog out to steve garvey as we speak - probably one of the last ttm requests i will ever send out.

here are a few more penguins - a 1987 topps traded card
and a couple of customs that i made to bookend his career - a 1971 topps style card
of which he also signed the back
and a 1988 topps card
both cards that definitely should have been.

thanks mike and ron for signing my cards, and for being a big part of my early fandom!


The Lost Collector said...

Damn, that's a nice one!

Dhoff said...

Wow. So cool that Schmidt signed so fast. But what is really amazing is Cey's snazzy sigs. Great custom cards.

Jeff Wilk said...

Those 2001 Fleer Greats were just meant to be signed.

Brendan Taylor said...

The Schmidt is a beauty, cool stuff man. Love the blog Just started following check mine out http://truschoolsports.blogspot.com/ feel free to join the site

Fuji said...

Congratulations on the Schmidt. Btw... I trip out every time I see Cey in an Oakland uniform.

MrMopar said...

I don't mean to be a downer, but that Schmidt just doesn't look right. Are you fairly confident that he is signing himself?

gcrl said...

curt - well, of course i don't know for sure if it is schmidt signing or not. but, the fact that the recent successes i have seen (including mine) were sent c/o the hall of fame, combined with his outspoken attitude about illegible signatures, gives me some confidence (or is it hope?). i choose to believe he is signing.
i agree with you that it is not the prettiest schmidt auto i have seen, but for 92 cents i'll take it.
in other news, i am a wee bit worried about the cards i sent to the garv. he cashed the check i sent but the cards haven't made it home yet!

MrMopar said...

At least you have your endorsed check or do people actually get those back these days?

I guess for less than a buck, it's worth a shot. As with you, I collect 78T cards signed and don't have Schmidt. That has to be one of his ugliest cards in my opinion though. Now his 76 or 81 are both nice cards to get signed, but i'd still like to have a 78 for the set.