24 April 2013

you would not believe the joy i did receive! - a 1978 topps ed goodson autograph success!

i am still a bit shocked that i own this card.
look at that! a 1978 topps ed goodson card, signed by the man himself.  supposedly, anyway.  a couple of months ago, a signed 1977 topps goodson card was up on ebay for a short time before someone snagged it with a buy it now.  that was the first time i had seen a signed '77, which was one more time than i had seen a signed 1978 version.  i had previously seen a few signed '73 and '74 cards, plus the 1976 topps card i purchased.  but no 1978 cards - the one card i needed to complete my modest 1978 topps dodger autograph project.

i have had for quite a while now several alerts and searches set up to let me know if and when this card (or an opportunity to have goodson sign a card) became available, although i had never had a solid lead.  some nibbles, but no bites.  then, in early april, there it was.  i contacted the online store and quickly arranged to purchase the card.  it comes from a large autographed card collection purchased in goodson's neck of the woods which lends to the authenticity as far as i am concerned.

i must admit that there is a slight sense of 'what now?' that followed my initial elation.  the feeling is somewhat similar to what i felt when i completed my 1960's topps dodger team sets.  i know i will never complete the 1950's team sets, so what now?  i have thought about maybe trying to get copies of my 1978 topps burger king dodgers/update set signed (i actually have quite a few already), but i don't know how to track down the likes of myron white or gerald hannahs, and enzo hernandez passed away recently so there is literally no way to make that happen.

don't get me wrong i am over the moon to have this card in my collection - it really ties the whole thing together.  big thanks to b&c sports!

now, for the final time, i'll update my modest 1978 topps dodgers autograph project - here's the tally:

team card (red adams) - through the mail success!
team card (mark cresse) - through the mail success!
team card (john hale) - through the mail success!
team card (peter o'malley) - through the mail success!
team card (boog powell) - through the mail success!
dusty baker - through the mail success!
glenn burke - ebay success! and another ebay success!
ron cey - through the mail success!
vic davalillo - ebay success! and another ebay success!
terry forster - ebay success! and through the mail success!
mike garman - through the mail success!
steve garvey - through the mail success!
ed goodson - online success!
jerry grote - through the mail success!
burt hooton - through the mail success!
charlie hough - through the mail success!
tommy john - in person/through the mail success!
lee lacy - through the mail success! and in person success!
tom lasorda - ebay success! and through the mail success!
dave lopes - through the mail success!
ted martinez - ebay success!
rick monday - in person/through the mail success!
manny mota - through the mail success!
johnny oates - ebay success!
doug rau - through the mail success!
lance rautzhan - through the mail success!
rick rhoden - through the mail success!
bill russell - through the mail success!
reggie smith - through the mail success!
elias sosa - through the mail success!
don sutton - through the mail success!
steve yeager - ebay success! and through the mail success!
nlcs (davey lopes) - through the mail success!

29/29 = 100%

no more waiting for mr. goodson.


Captain Canuck said...

that's awesome bud, congrats!

Dodgerbobble said...

Congrats! It's always nice to complete a project.

Greg Zakwin said...


MrMopar said...

You back doored that one! i saw the photo of the card with another card listed, because I still need that one too, and saw that it was not in their current auction list. i asked the seller and he said it sold off ebay. I thought of you immediately. Good to see you got it, at least, but i would have given you a run for your money had it gone to auction.

I need him only as well for the 78 set.

MrMopar said...

I was also doing the 78 Topps Mariner set signed. Still missing one, after finally snagging an oddly elusive Skip Jutze (Imagine getting Carlos Lopez, Juan Bernhardt, Jose Baez and Enrique Romo before Jutze). My last card has ties to the Dodgers too, but that guy must not sign cards! Kevin Pasley!!! I have never seen a Pasley 78 card signed by him, nor a 77 for that matter.