28 August 2013

ride the ted lilly rainbow

ted lilly is no longer with the dodgers, and despite the news reports, he's not chucking for that team up north either.  however, his 2013 topps card, with the backdrop of dodger stadium and the visitor's bullpen is a slice of perfection.  i decided early on to try for all the parallels, and now i present the results of my efforts here.  it's not all sparkles and unicorns, however, as you will soon find out.

let's start with all the colors rolled up into one and go from there.  here's the black parallel
now camoflauge
this is not the base card (although it looks the same in this view). it's actually the card from the 2013 topps dodger set, with the borders featuring the absence of color
target red
silver sparkle blue
walmart blue
toys r us purple
usually there is gold at the end of the rainbow, but not here.  instead there is silver.  as in silver slate
that's the scarcest of the cards, being numbered to 10
now, here's the bad news.  obviously, i have no printing plate to complete the rainbow.  but even worse than that is the fact that my orange copy is somewhere in usps neverland.  it was last seen leaving pennsylvania on august 4th and scheduled to arrive on august 7th.  the tracking info hasn't been updated since.  the orange version is numbered to 230, but it's part of the factory sets so who knows when the next version will come up for sale.  what stinks is that there were two on ebay at the same time, and i purchased the one that winds up getting lost in the mail.

it seems that wrigley wax can complete his rainbow without any issues, why oh why can't i?


JediJeff said...

My rainbow is nowhere close to completion. :(

Wrigley Wax said...

Maybe if you click your heels and say "there's no place like home" the card will find its way back to you!

The good news is that if another one does pop up on eBay, you shouldn't have much competition for it...can't imagine that there are too many Ted Lilly collectors out there.

Ana Lu said...

Topps really like the rainbow. So many parallel colours!
The silver one is the best.