18 August 2013

south by northwest

last week i received some braves cards in the mail.  they came from a fan of the southern team who happens to live in the great white north, and included a few double play turns by the likes of jeff blauser (1996 upper deck collector's choice)
jeff treadway (1992 donruss)
 and yunel escobar (2010 topps)
no mark lemke or glenn hubbard.  and yes, i do believe that treadway is trying to turn two on that 1992 donruss card.  not so much on this 1992 topps stadium club card, which was also in the package
that looks more like a tag play.  nice try though, captain.

there were a couple of obligatory dodger cards included as well - both from 1991 upper deck, and both of the silver slugger jumbo pack insert variety.  here are eddie murray
and darryl strawberry
strawberry, of course, was not a dodger when he won the award, but he switched teams during the offseason and who wanted another card of him as a met in 1991?  not me.

thanks captain.  i will get your hockey, group break, contest winnings, and return trade stuff mailed this week.

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Captain Canuck said...

yeah... I didn't even realize that I had a few 'caught stealing' cards in there until I was packaging them up. and by then it was too late. you have to start a new binder pal. sorry.