14 August 2013

card show recap - dealers 5, 6, and 7. hunting for memorials

on to dealer 5.  this was the guy that had the 1995 topps brooklyn dodgers archives cards in a dime box the last time i was there.  i didn't get any more of those, but i did pick up these cards.

1991 classic eddie murray
1991 fleer ozzie smith
1991 fleer ultra don mattingly
1994 upper deck all-time heroes vida blue 125th anniversary parallel
1994 upper deck all-time heroes bert campaneris 125th anniversary parallel
1994 upper deck all-time heroes al oliver 125th anniversary parallel - with bonus expos hat
2001 topps gallery chan ho park - it's night time at dodger stadium
1993 upper deck sp tony gwynn - in scott sanders' jersey
2002 topps total glossy chipper jones checklist
2003 laser line vladimir guerrero
2008 upper deck first edition buddy carlyle
2008 upper deck first edition chien ming wang
2008 upper deck goudey jimmy rollins
2009 topps update carl crawford
2009 upper deck icons brian roberts
2009 upper deck icons mariano rivera
2009 upper deck icons jimmy rollins
2009 upper deck sweet spot shin soo choo
2009 upper deck sweet spot raul ibanez
2010 upper deck roy halladay biography

most of those are for my memorials project, so they'll be showcased over time.

short and sweet with dealer 6.  this was the guy that completed my 1973 topps set a while back at the big annual show in town.  i was hoping for more set completing karma.  i failed.  he did have the last player card i needed, though.

1974 topps phil niekro
i still need a couple of checklists from the set.  mission not accomplished.

dealer 7.  i bought 10 cards from this guy, all from 2011 topps update.  8 of the cards are for the memorials project, and two were double plays.

2011 topps update willie bloomquist cognac
2011 topps update dj lemahieu cognac
2011 topps update derek jeter checklist cognac
2011 topps update clayton kershaw cognac
2011 topps update clayton kershaw diamond
2011 topps update jay bruce diamond
2011 topps update andre ethier cognac
2011 topps update starlin castro cognac
2011 topps update lonnie chisenhall cognac
2011 topps update brandon wood cognac

so there you have it. my card show loot from dealers 5, 6 and 7.  remember, i am looking for three numbers in the comments - how much did i spend with each dealer?  closest (or first to get the exact amount correct) wins some cards.

last dealer post coming tomorrow morning! stay tuned.


Captain Canuck said...

$2, $2, $5

irondequoit36 said...

$2.75 , $3 , $15

night owl said...

Geez, Captain took two of my answers.

$1.50, $1, $4.50

That Oliver is a card I need.

gcrl said...

I have a,dupe. In fact I am pretty sure I bought one from the same guy last time at the show.

Nick said...

$1.75, $1.50, $3.50

P-town Tom said...

$3, $2, $8

MrMopar said...

$3, $1 and $10 (i don't know new stuff to save my life)

Stealing Home said...




Swing And A Pop-up said...

$1, $1, $5

Fuji said...

$1.25, $1.25, and $3

Play at the Plate said...

$2, $1, $2.