15 August 2013

card show recap - the final dealer

i went back to the vintage bargain bin dealer to end my time at the show.  he had tried to tempt me earlier with his '90% off bowman box'.  here's what i picked up before hitting the road.

1976 shakey's roy campanella
yay oddballs
1974 topps hank aaron special #3
1959 topps baseball thrills rocky colavito
somebody collects catches at the wall, i believe.
1955 bowman smoky burgess - because somebody else collects catchers in gear
1951 bowman dan bankhead
i did not realize that dan bankhead was the first african american pitcher in big league history.  he debuted in august of 1947, just a few months after jackie robinson.  he hit a home run in his first big league at bat, and his only appearance in the 1947 world series was as a pinch runner.

1951 bowman billy cox
1952 bowman preacher roe
1953 topps clem labine
1955 bowman don newcombe
the bowmans all have some paper loss on the back, but the fronts look good.  i took a long, hard look at a 1951 bowman campanella but couldn't pull the trigger.  i would say maybe next time, but this dealer informed me that he is relocating to north carolina and is not sure how often he will return to the twin cities.  of all the bowmans, i think i like the 1952 cards the best.  the colors seem to pop a bit more, at least on the dodger cards i have from that set.

so, how much do you think i spent on these cards? make your guess in the comments.  i'll have the answers (and winners) tomorrow.


Dhoff said...

I'm going to guess about $20 for this lot of awesome. Great cards. '52 Bowman is my favorite.

Captain Canuck said...


again, no idea. IF these cards were at a show around here, they'd be over $300.
no, I'm not kidding.

night owl said...

8 bucks.

I go to a card show with 100-plus tables and I've never visited more than 5 dealers at a show.

Greg Zakwin said...


Nick said...


Love that '55 Bowman Newcombe! The '"Baseball Thrills" Colavito is awesome as well, I have a copy of that one myself.

Stealing Home said...


BTW - you mentioned somebody collects catches at the wall?
I'm chasing that Baseball Thrills set, so if that Calavito card is up for trade, I'd love to take a shot at it.

irondequoit36 said...


Swing And A Pop-up said...

I'm going to go with $12

MrMopar said...

Decent dealers generally round off and i see all the good round dollar amounts are taken, so i will go with an odd $24. I think $25 nails this dealer though.

P-town Tom said...

There's no way this can be right, but with the possibility of 90% you never know... a buck a card!


Play at the Plate said...

Last minute entry...I'll say $11.

Fuji said...

Last second entry...I'll say $13.