17 August 2013

that'll do, rhubarb runner

it has been a while since i received this package from rhubarb runner.  i send him some twins stuff, and he reciprocated with dodger goodness.  he noted that he hoped what he had sent was enough to compensate for the cards that i had sent to him.  uh, yeah.

2001 leaf certified materials steve garvey jersey
my favorite relic set of all-time.  someday i will showcase the cards that i have from this set.  i especially enjoy that the garvey jersey that was chopped up was from his early days with the team - all wooly and what not.

2012 topps update bobby abreu gold parallel
the latest 'out of place guy' for the dodgers.  it looks like this year's entry will be brian wilson.  maybe.

2012 topps update kenley jansen gold parallel
2013 topps heritage carl crawford
2013 topps heritage clayton kershaw league leaders (strikeouts)
kershaw got the small box by just one strikeout.  at least topps figured out where to put the league leader on these cards this year.

2001 topps sandy koufax southpaw greatness insert
kershaw may well fit on this card someday in the future.  kudos to topps for using these pitchers' actual heights, by the way.  spahn is 6'-0", carlton 6'-4", koufax 6'-2", and the big unit is 6'-10" (all measurements according to baseball reference).

2004 playoff absolute memorabilia landon donovan fans of the game insert
i understand that donovan is not too bad at futbol.

the last card i will show from the goods i received is this 2013 topps opening day zack greinke super short print
i've posted this card before.  now i do own one.  even though i still think that cards like this are the antithesis of what opening day is all about, it's nice to have one in the collection.

so, yeah. rhubarb runner.  that'll do.

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Nick said...

I love that "Southpaw Greatness" card. Topps did a great job with that insert set.