02 March 2009

duke snider through the mail success!

fresh off of my john wooden ttm success, i sent two cards to the duke of flatbush in the hopes he would sign and return them. he did, in short order. i was out of town all last week, but these arrived right around three weeks after i mailed them out.

first, a 2001 fleer greats of the game card.
then, a 1984 donruss hall of fame diamond king. i really liked the diamond kings growing up, and i think dick perez' portrait of the silver fox is fantastic.

i should note that, completely coincidentally, a few days after i sent these out night owl posted about his plans to give it a shot. he had the foresight to seek input on which card(s) to send, but i am still happy with my cards.

for those keeping track (like me), i am 3 for 4 in my ttm attempts spanning six years. corey koskie, john wooden, and duke snider were successful, with shawn green unaccounted for - 4 years and counting.

thanks duke! and keep an eye out in your mailbox greg!


Dinged Corners said...

Those are excellent cards for signatures, and they look great. Well done!

night owl said...

That's good news! I can't wait.

Your cards look nice.