05 August 2013

black armbands for thurman munson

last friday (august 2nd) was the 34th anniversary of the plane crash that took the life of yankees captain thurman munson.  for the remainder of the 1979 season, and the entirety of the 1980 season, the yankees wore black armbands in munson's memory.

the 1980 topps tommy john card is the only one i could find that shows the 1979 version of the memorial.
1981, however, gave more options to choose from.  bo, from baseball cards come to life, sent me this 1981 donruss bucky dent card
which would certainly fit the bill for the second year of the armband, but i decided to go instead with one of reggie jackson's cards from 1981 donruss.
reggie is in the home pinstripes, and is most likely sitting near home plate.  besides, it doesn't get more 'yankee' than reggie jackson.

aside from the jim gilliam memorial patch that the dodgers wore in the 1978 world series, this was the first memorial that i was acutely aware of.  and, more than any other, the black armband on the yankee pinstripes is quite striking.  no more meaningful, but it is visually powerful.  a good way for the yankees to remember their captain.

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