05 December 2013

i stand with patp

it was heartening to see play at the plate open up about his weakness for manufactured topps vault collectibles the other day, adding his voice to that of condition sensitive regarding the topic.  it's a sort of 'emporer's new clothes' moment in which perhaps the raising of the question 'why?' in regards to these gimmicks will lead to their demise.  but probably not.  

however, in a show of solidarity, i will admit to making purchases from the topps vault in my own moments of weakness.  i've already shown two of my color separation proofs in my davey lopes quadfecta post, but i have not previously shown these two items - a pair of 1978 topps dodger team color proofs
dodger stadium looks nice in blue or pink.

here's the first thing i ever bought from the topps vault - a 1978 topps bill russell slick proof
i was led to believe that these things were created back in 1978, but who the heck really knows?  tricky dick over at upper deck was printing 1989 upper deck ken griffey jr cards after the initial print run was over, so who's to say that michael eisner isn't creating new proofs of old cards.

i haven't bought any of the blank back 1/1's - i was tempted last year by the update adam kennedy - and i don't plan to.  but i can't change the fact that thrice i have given in to the topps vault's siren song.

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Play at the Plate said...

At least yours are pretty and colorful!