22 December 2013

more cards of the birthday boy - 2013 was a big year in steve garvey cards

once again, happy 65th birthday to steve garvey.  i mentioned in the previous post that there were plenty of garvey cards to chase in this past year.  i wasn't kidding.  here are just a few that i have picked up.  first up, a big ol' slab of bat from 2013 topps marquee
jumbo lumber indeed.  

also from this year's marquee release, here is a quad dodger relic card featuring garvey with andre ethier, matt kemp, and sandy koufax
i actually have two versions - that one which is numbered to 75, and this one which is numbered to 99
the only difference between the two, other than the number and the foil, is that ethier's swatch is gray.  there have been a number of versions with various patches showing up for ethier and/or kemp - even at the higher print runs - but i haven't yet convinced myself to pull the trigger.

speaking of which, it took me a long time to pick up one of the 2013 topps tribute autographed garvey cards
i'm glad i finally found one at the right price for me, because it's a nice card.  as is this other auto from 2013 topps
garvey didn't get an unsigned version of the chasing history card, which i found to be odd.  i understand making the auto a short print (could topps actually be running out of signed stickers?), but at least make a base version.  anyway, the card has to do with garvey's 21-game hitting streak to open a season, which apparently is still a franchise record.

lots of good stuff this year - looking forward to more in 2014!

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