22 December 2013

different kinds of birthday cards for steve garvey

i'm taking advantage of one last chance here in the central time zone to say happy birthday to steve garvey.  thanks to everyone who joined in today.  here are a few more garvey cards that have been hanging around in my scanned folder for various amounts of time.

2004 upper deck legends timeless teams autograph (1981 dodger team subset)
hey! a timeless teams card.  speaking of which, my timeless team blog will return to life after the first of the year.  i think all of the garvey autos in the set were short printed, and i only have two of them.  this one is pretty perfect - that same fielding pose that i discussed in an earlier post - plus it's actually a photo from 1981 on a card referencing the 1981 season!  here's the back, letting me know that it is, in fact, signed by garvey.
here's a much more recent garvey auto - from 2012 panini national treasures
he's shown as a padre complete with a cream looking uniform.  not sure if the padres ever wore such a thing, or if panini/donruss hasn't been taking care of their stockroom.  here's the back
panini recognizes the fact that garvey was an all-star in 1984 and 1985, even if topps flagship sets didn't.

here's another padre garvey card, this one from 2007 upper deck sweet spot classic
hail the brown and orange patch!  this patch comes from the padres' taco unis, as i think garvey used to call them.

sticking with the brown, here's a 2004 upper deck sp legendary cuts 'historic swatch'
that's clearly some padres' laundry on a dodger card, as tricky dick mcwilliams says on the back
that's ok - he's not the only dodger to suffer such a fate.  here's don sutton's card from the same set
with what is clearly a piece of an oakland a's uniform, as confirmed by mcwilliams on the back
glad they were both dodger cards, though.  and, did you see who is lurking there behind sutton?  i recognize the left arm of steve 'popeye' garvey!

and with that, i say good day to garvey's 65th birthday.

thanks again to all who joined in to wish the first baseman of the team of my youth a happy birthday.  i will compile the contest entries in the morning and get a winner post up around noon or so.  and, just to be clear, i will randomize the list of blogs who posted birthday wishes (plus those who promoted the contest) on random.org 6 times.  i thought about doing 65 randomizations, but that seemed like a lot.

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Fuji said...

That Sweet Spot Garvey patch is AWESOME!