26 December 2013

a few trades for boxing day

i hope everyone had a good christmas.  i'm planning to keep the holidays going right through the weekend, and that includes the 26th.  boxing day, as they call it north of the border.

it seems like a good day to acknowledge some cards i have received recently from some nice blogger folks.  this first card came from dhoff at coot veal and the vealtones
that would be a 2013 topps gypsy queen steve garvey relic.  dhoff and i were working on a trade when things kind of fell through.  he still sent this card, however, which was most unexpected and completely appreciated.  i'll be looking for something to send in return...

tj at the junior junkie sent me some cards that were part of a ken griffey jr bday giveaway.

1989 topps andres galarraga
1989 topps isn't as bad as i used to think it was.  whatever that's worth.

2005 upper deck past time pennants whiety ford
whitey says 'they went that-a-way'

2013 topps gypsy queen rod carew
i know i have mentioned before that rodney cline carew's batting stance was one that i mimicked on the wiffle ball diamond as a kid.  this looks more like a reggie jackson stance.  carew was usually stooped over with a bit of a lean.

thorzul at thorzul will rule sent me two 2013 topps update twins gold parallels as part of his annual 'trade me anything' festivities.  someday, i'll take advantage of the 'anything' scenario and send him something off the wall instead of just some cards from his want list.  this year, i claimed kyle gibson
and anthony swarzak
from his update purchase.

tom from the angels in order sent me a nice package of cards featuring memorial patches a while back.  i will show those cards in individual memorial patches, except for this one.  it was the lone dodger in the bunch, and since i have a few good examples for the memorials that this card displays, i'll show it here.  it's a 1994 leaf eric karros card
 that's the tim crews '52' patch on his left sleeve.  the back of the card shows the patch again
along with a generic dodger stadium scene.

thanks for the trades, guys.  and enjoy the rest of the holidays everybody!

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Fuji said...

Over the years, I've slowly learned to appreciate the 89T baseball design more myself. Great cards... especially the Garvey relic.