23 December 2013

it is time for the airing of grievances

ever since i first saw mike ivie on his 1978 topps card after pulling it from a pack at the local 7-11, i have associated him with whining.
it looks like i might have even tried to scratch one of his eyes out, i disliked this card so much.  ivie just appears to be annoyed or complaining about something.  that's definitely not a flattering photo to have indelibly marked on cardboard.  but, perhaps, he was just celebrating festivus.  yes, today is the day to put up the aluminum pole, compete in feats of strength, and eat the festivus meal.  and, of course, one mustn't forget the airing of grievances.

i really don't have anything substantial to complain about, but if i pressed, i will admit that among all the fantastic trade partners i have had over the past 5+ years, there have been a few times when i was stiffed.  i am certain that i am not the only one to whom this has happened, but it's still disappointing.  trade talks sometimes fall through - i get it.  there have been a few times when i've been unable to meet an asking 'price' or sometimes the communication just stops.  that's ok - i don't think trading cards is anybody's top priority in life.  that's not my grievance.  in fact, sometimes you even wind up getting a card after the trade falls through (thanks dhoff!).  that's not my grievance.  another time, i sent the wrong card to my trade partner.  no need to send me anything for a mistake like that.  that's not my grievance either.

since i started trading through the blogosphere, i have tried my best to keep track of trades - from both sides. i will admit that there have been times when i have fallen behind, but i hope i haven't forgotten anyone.  if so, please air your grievance with me and i will make it right.

anyway, what i am talking about here are the times that there have been confirmed 'let's trade' dialogue after which i send cards and then get nothing back.  from 2009 through 2012, i count about 20 different such trades where i have sent cards and received nothing in return.  in one of the trades, i was to receive a printed set of my 1978 topps burger king dodgers/update cards.  no dice (anybody want to print up some cards for me?).  another was to have included a dee gordon auto from back when he was playing fairly well for the dodgers.  once that came to an end, i was able to pick up a 2011 bowman platinum auto on the cheap
but it still would have been nice to have received one in trade.  the root of the majority of these incomplete trades is that i seem to have a knack with sending cards to bloggers just before they decide to stop blogging.

i'm generally not a negative or cynical person, and i have continued to trade (and send first).  in fact, there are a few trade packages i am waiting for that i am confident will arrive.  and, there are a couple of trades that may be in the works with capt kirk and community gum and maybe ptown tom.  besides that, i have trade or giveaway packages from angels in order, arpsmith, fuji, jaybarkerfansjunk, rhubarb runner, swing and a pop up, nick, patp, thorzul, the junior junkie, and the aforementioned dhoff yet to post.  and, i still have cards stacking up to send to 2x3 heroes, arpsmith, madding, the junior junkie, and nick - we are at the point where i don't know who owes whom.  i'm also digging around for a card or two to send to dhoff.  so you see, a few unfulfilled trades won't stop me from continuing to trade.  i know you have a choice in where you send your dodger cards, and i am happy to receive them.  so, let's trade!  i'll even send first.

happy festivus!


P-town Tom said...

Totally up for a trade, but it'll have to be a small one. My Dodger inventory has reached critically low levels.

Happy Festivus to the rest of us! And to you, too, GCRL.

JediJeff said...

Agreed. I think you and I are just at the "ahhh - let's just send some cards to the other" point in our trading lives. In fact, looking at my card holder, I see I have a few behind your marker.

Nick said...

I already have a few more cards set aside for you since the last stack I sent over.

I'm with Jeff, I just send cards your way on a whim because I know you'll appreciate them more than I ever could. It's my favorite form of trading, in fact.

Fuji said...

Happy Festivus! That's one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld... definitely a classic.

Play at the Plate said...

I just saw that episode tonight. I live in fear of being that person that you're talking about. I hope that anyone would shoot me an email if I forgot to send my end of a trade.

The Junior Junkie said...

I dread forgetting to hold up my end of a trade. I write notes to remind myself, but then I just end up with a pile of notes. I encourage anyone who feel slighted to message me. I assure you I only want to give all my cards away.

The thing about not knowing whose turn it is to send stuff rings especially true. I sometimes just send stuff because I'm not sure if its my turn or not. Plus it's fun. Apologies if I've made anyone feel uncomfortable with far too many trade envelopes.