04 December 2013

1988 topps cards that should have been of 1978 topps dodgers

there were only 7 of the 27 people featured as dodgers in the 1978 topps set still deemed worthy of a card by topps in 1988.  by my count, there were three others that should have been recognized.  here then are the 1988 topps (and topps traded) cards that should have been for the 1978 topps dodgers.

1988 topps traded don sutton
sutton returned to the dodgers for the 1988 season, but was released in august.  i guess that was enough time for topps to remove him from the 1988 topps traded set checklist (if he was on it to begin with).  i used sutton's 1988 mother's dodgers card for the image because i wanted him to be 'suttoning' on this card that should have been.

the other two that weren't featured in the 1988 topps set were ron cey and steve garvey.  the 1988 issue would have been their final tributes.  here are the versions that i came up with.

ron cey front
and back
travis at punk rock paint created the front of the 1988 topps steve garvey card that should have been
and i did the back
at least garvey got a card from score in 1988, and it's a nice one
complete with the career stats on the back
plus some nice 'iron' and 'rust' wordplay.

keep an eye out next week for a garvey-centered contest, and the next installment of the evolution of the 1978 topps dodgers.

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