15 December 2013

more cards from tatooine

warning - the geek quotient is high with this post.

sometimes, in between the landspeeder races and droid purchasing, folks on tatooine take time out for baseball.  here are some examples.

1996 topps joey cora
this is one of my favorite 'dirt only' cards.  the teal mariners jersey is the star of the card.

1994 upper deck alan trammell
and his teammate travis fryman on a 1995 score select card
there may be a hint of green on this 1993 upper deck dave valle card
but then again, that might just be some womp rat remnants.

it looks like the moisture vaporators are malfunctioning on kevin young's 1993 upper deck card
better get those droids to the south rim to work on the condensers.

speaking of droids, it looks like mike piazza has spotted the incoming escape pod on his 1998 topps stadium club card
here's a classic that i am pretty sure i have shown before - dmitri young's 2002 fleer ultra card
but he's not the only one that can dive back to the bag on tatooine - there is also carlos santana on his 2010 topps update card
turning double plays on tatooine doesn't happen often, but here are a couple of examples - 2007 topps turkey red 'turning two' with hanley ramirez and jose bautista
and 2002 topps total russ johnson
i wouldn't be surprised if the florida teams drew bigger crowds on the planet furthest from the bright center of the universe than they do in miami and tampa.

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Josh D. said...

Travis Fryman looks pissed. He's stuck here playing baseball when he really just wants to go to the Toshi Station to pick up some power converters.