01 December 2013

the last of the lcs

this weekend, i've been posting cards that i picked up at the two local card shops over the course of a few visits made in the last few months.  this final post is all dodger goodness, and the cards shown here all came from the shop that doesn't want me to use a computer to browse their inventory.  however, it seems as though they aren't opening new product, as the nickel boxes remain capped at 2011 releases.

they do have some vintage boxes sitting out, and i was able to find a 1962 post willie davis
and another copy of a 1963 post maury wills
this one is (if you can believe it) cut better than the other one i own.  i was kind of hoping that one of them was actually a jello card because i can never tell them apart.  but, it would seem that they are both post, as the red line is not flush with the stat text.

moving on, here's a 1987 leaf candy city team duke snider card
that is essentially a reprint of the 1983 donruss hall of fame heroes card.

i found some 1994 topps finest for a dime apiece - tom candiotti
and brett butler
as well as a bunch of piazza stuff.  this one is a 1995 pinnacle zenith card
and this one is a 1997 fleer checklist
i am guessing that piazza had a deal with rawlings.

i am also guessing that it's piazza there in the catcher's crouch on this 1996 pinnacle denny's hologram of hideo nomo
that also features super scout mike brito.

here's a 2010 topps history of the game insert of jackie robinson
and a 2011 topps prime 9 insert/redemption card of sandy koufax
the star/hof box was filled with these types of cards which were available from card shops as redemptions for inserts in series 2 that year.  i guess not too many folks bothered to redeem them at this location.

i don't know if or when i will get back to this lcs.  if i knew that there would be some new stuff in the bargain boxes i might be more interested in a return trip.

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