21 December 2013

too few dodgers

i ordered some cards from comc in november, but wound up cutting a few from my shopping cart for one reason or another.  not too long after i received my cards, dennis at too many verlanders announced that he was making a purchase of his own, and asked if anyone wanted anything.  i took him up on the offer and sent some cards to him in exchange for three of the cards i didn't pick up myself.  make sense?  

one of the cards that i dropped from my purchase was a 2013 panini golden age tommy davis auto
now tommy was a well traveled ballplayer, and there is no mention of any team or city affiliation on the front of the card.  i believe that the photo comes from his tenure with the dodgers, but so do the photos on some of his topps cards which feature him as a member of a different team.  the back of the card, however, tells me that davis is a dodger here for sure
this is my first certified tommy davis autograph.  i did pick up a couple of other autos through the mail a  couple of years ago - 1962 topps
 and 1965 topps
thanks to a private signing at hall of fame sports.

one of the cards that i did purchase from comc was this 1997 score wilton guerrero 'heart of the order' insert
it features a nice dodger stadium backdrop, with more dodger stadium scenery screened on the back
you don't see the top of the park on too many cards.  you might notice that the guerrero is numbered as 'dodgers 2 of 3'.  i failed to buy the other 2 dodger cards in an extreme lapse of judgement.  enter dennis.  he picked up the mike piazza
and raul mondesi
cards for me.  looking closely at the piazza and guerrero cards, score took the time to cover up the unocal and coca-cola logos that sat in the circles above the diamondvision and scoreboard, respectively.

looking more closely, i see that it's ismael valdes on diamondvision, meaning that i can determine the day the photo was taken.  based on the information that the cards and scoreboard gives me, this was a day game at dodger stadium against the cubs. ismael valdes came to bat in the bottom of the 6th inning.  the cubs scored one run in the top of the first. sammy sosa was batting third for the cubs.  raul mondesi was playing center.  piazza was not playing because the catcher is batting 7th in the dodger lineup.  when i put it all together, baseball reference tells me that the nice dodger stadium photo comes from may 21, 1995!  

as i am sure you can tell, when you put the cards side by side, we get a foul pole to foul pole view of the dodger stadium outfield and pavilion
and a harder to see panoramic view of the stands in place roughly between the bases
a big thank you to dennis for correcting my mistake of not buying the davis auto and the piazza and mondesi dodger cards myself.  thanks for the trade!


Dennis said...

Wow, cool--I'd never seen the Heart of the Order cards lined up like that before. Thanks again for a great trade!

View From the Skybox said...

Woah, those "Heart of the Order" cards are awesome!!!