08 December 2013

what tomorrow may bring

tomorrow we find out if don sutton gets some company as the lone hall of famer from the team of my youth.  both steve garvey and tommy john are up for election by the expansion era committee.  i am optimistic but not expecting either to make the cut, unfortunately.

here's my (you've seen night owl's already) 2013 topps garvey million dollar chase autographed card
as well as a nice tommy john card from 2007 ud sweet spot classic
instead of either of these dodger greats, i think that another former dodger manager will get the call
unfortunately for me, it's joe torre and not bill russell.  i do think torre's new york success was largely due to the work of bob watson and buck showalter, and later the free spending of the steinbrenners (i give brian cashman even less credit than torre), but what do i know about what it takes to be a successful manager? nothing.  i expect bobby cox and tony larussa to join torre as hall of famers tomorrow, but i hope that there are a couple of other names announced as well.


steelehere said...

Hoping Garvey gets in as well.

Crackin Wax said...

Man, now that Blyleven's in, I just haven't been paying attention to the Hall of Fame. The closest thing the Twins have to getting someone in is Tony Oliva who can only be put in via the Veteran's Committee or Joe Mauer if he can find his form again, win a few more major individual achievements and finally get that World Series ring--which, at this rate, ain't gonna happen any time soon.

Michael Chase said...

That is one epic Garvey!!