06 December 2013

the collector who wanted a hill and wound up with three of them

when it rains, it pours, as another blogger recently opined.

the number one card on my nefarious 9 list for quite a while was a 2000 upper deck ultimate victory koyie hill card.  that's not a very common card to put on a list and hope that someone out in blog land happens to have a copy for trade, i admit.  the reason it was on the list to begin with is that i hadn't seen many ultimate victory cards around the lcs or card show dime boxes, and was in fact hoping that someone somewhere did have some to spare.

months passed, and i eventually picked up a copy of the card from comc.
rest assured, it is a dodger card.  see the dodger logo on the back?
not more than a couple of weeks later, i received a copy in the mail from kerry at cards on cards.  then, just a couple of weeks ago, a third copy showed up courtesy of dennis from too many verlanders.  so, i now have three of the 2000 upper deck ultimate victory koyie hill cards, each numbered to 2500
that's 0.12% of the print run!

similarly, not too long after i picked up a couple of copies of the 2004 upper deck matt kata card
(one for the double play binder, one for the dodger stadium binder, and one for the lurker binder - hello ron coomer!), i received more copies of the card from the junior junkie and then nick from dime boxes just yesterday.

and that one wasn't even on a want list!

i'll show more of the cards, including other nefarious 9 needs, that i received from kerry, dennis, tj, and nick in future posts.  thanks for thinking of me guys!


Nick said...

This sort of thing happens to me all the time with my "Dime Box Dozen" needs. (Thanks for linking my post, by the way.)

Glad you could knock out one of your "Nefarious 9"!

night owl said...

I'll take one of those extra Koyie Hill Ultimate whatevers. I could live 300 years without knowing those existed.