02 December 2013

an astros armband for vivian smith

vivan smith was the widow of one of the colt .45's/astros' founders - bob smith.  that's not how she came to be a minority owner in the team, however.  at least not directly.  bob smith was bought out in the mid 1960's after a falling out with his partner.  he died in 1973, but his widow vivian joined the group that purchased the astros in 1979 - a few years after smith's old partner lost the team to his creditors.

after vivian passed away in july of 1989, the team wore black armbands on their left sleeves in tribute.  here's a 1990 topps jim clancy card showing the memorial
oddly enough, there are a few cards in the 1991 upper deck set that also showcase the armbands.  i guess it's not that odd, knowing how card companies often used older photos on cards.  anyway, here's the back of glenn wilson's 1991 upper deck card
the armband actually kind of blends in to the astros' uniforms.  take a look at rafael ramirez's 1991 upper deck card
the armband looks like an extension of the uniform stripe.  no armband, but a dodger stadium shot on the back of ramirez's card.
here's the card that will represent this memorial in the binder.  the clancy card is a great example, but i like this one a tiny bit better.  it's a 1991 upper deck craig biggio card
it seems appropriate that the team's astrodome centered logo appears on the card, as a statue of smith was erected outside the (now condemned) stadium.  along with it, a plaque was placed that reads 'vivian l. smith  1908 - 1989  she loved the astros'.

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