18 December 2013

get your garveys ready

don't forget that sunday is steve garvey's 65th birthday, and it's also contest time here on the blog.  go to  this post for the details on how to win a 1952 topps card.

i've got a few garvey cards ready to post myself, but i figured i didn't need to wait for sunday to post all of the recent additions to the collection.  this here is a 2013 panini hometown heroes steve garvey short print.
panini made no effort to conceal the san diego brown.

in addition to the garv, i picked up the dodger team set.  i've shown a couple of dodgers before, so i won't bore you with stew and the penguin again.  instead, let's start with the current dodgers in the set.  here's yasiel puig's base card (he also has a short print)
 hyun-jin ryu
clayton kershaw
anyone think that three leftys in the rotation (if the dodgers were to acquire david price) would be a bit much? nah, me neither.

matt kemp
as much as i like kemp and kershaw and puig and ryu, my favorite thing about this set is the retired players.  i picked up a kirk gibson curtain call insert
separately from the team set.  i think his base card in the set is technically a tiger card.

here's orel hershiser
 and fernando valenzuela
but the set goes even further back, with rick monday
and dusty baker
and even bill buckner!
billy buck has another card in the set as a cub.  not sure why panini didn't do that for garvey.

the last two dodgers are tommy lasorda
trying to whistle, and davey lopes
lopes also got an auto in the set
as did steve yeager, ron cey and the garv.  i'm still on the lookout for those cards.  especially the garvey.

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