21 December 2013

don't forget to wish steve garvey a happy birthday tomorrow

and be sure to enter my 1952 topps card giveaway contest.

here's the newest card of the soon-to-be birthday boy in my collection - a 2013 panini fall heroes private signing autograph, numbered 9/10.
it's encased and all, but i had hoped that panini would have continued with their recent run of on-card autos.  oh well.  i'm not sure how these were distributed, but it seemed to me that the same seller had the majority of the print run.

hopefully my fellow garvey collectors were able to pick one up as well.


MrMopar said...

I think the same guy had nearly all of them, at least half for sure.

I hope you got him to go low. He was a bit flexible, but i saw a couple go for asking price. I completed missed the #6, which irritates me, as i probably would have paid asking, but he didn't list it right away and someone else got it for BO.

gcrl said...

hey curt. i got my copy for a bo as well. i was pleased based on what i saw some of the others go for.

Matthew R said...

here ya go http://1978toppsbaseball.blogspot.com/2013/12/1978-topps-baseball-350-steve-garvey.html