21 December 2013

too many double plays

dennis of too many verlanders recently sent me a package that featured a few new to me double play cards.  i would like to think that it is getting harder and harder to find dp cards that i don't already have, but there are many more than i ever imagined when i started collecting them.  and it's not going to stop - i noticed at least 2 double play turns on the uncut 2014 topps sheet image that's been posted recently.

so, onward and upward with some new double play cards, like this 1998 pacific paramount jeff kent
featuring a sliding kurt 'what's that man' waring

and this 2000 pacific miguel tejada
and this 2001 fleer premium miguel tejada
here's a 2002 topps total luis alicea
and a 2004 playoff honors luis castillo
another athletic, but not tejada - 2005 donruss bobby crosby
another 2005 donruss - alex gonzalez
caught in between montreal and san diego

last but not least, another jeff kent card.  this one comes from 2001 leaf rookies & stars
i already had one in the dp binder, but then i turned the card over and saw that this one was a sample version
donruss/leaf put sample cards in beckett magazines back in the early 2000's if i recall correctly.  i remember buying some issues and selling the cards on ebay a couple of times.  anyway, this is why you should always look at the back of the cards!

thanks dennis - i'll post the 'better' stuff from your trade package later today...

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Dennis said...

Glad you liked those--it was fun digging through my boxes for twin-killings for sure.