05 September 2012

a davey lopes pentafecta?

i might need a ruling on this.  here's the relic - a 2002 topps stadium club bat card of the dodger second baseman.
it's from a regular season game, but that's as specific as topps gets.  i have a few lopes autos, but here's probably the most unusual.  it's a 2001 upper deck sweet spot auto 
from davey's time as the brewers' manager.  i don't think there are any certified autos that show him as a cub, athletic, or astro, aside from his topps originals buybacks.  

and, completing the trifecta, we have his rookie card from 1973 topps.
now we get into what separates the penta- from the tri-...  here are a couple of 1/1's that i have from 1981 topps.  they're two of the color separation proofs, straight from the topps vault.
i wish topps would have used less pink.  but, they are not noted as 1 of 1 anywhere, so i'll show this card, too.  it comes from the 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams set (yes, i will get back to my timeless teams blog eventually, although it might have to wait for my o-pee-chee blog to finish up in early october).
yes, that's a 1 of 1 auto from the set.  interesting that the only thing that makes it so is the '1 of 1' stamp below the name, which upper deck applied after the card had been signed.  i know this because i have another 1 of 1 from the set (two, actually), and the stamp on one of them is over part of the signature.  for all the other numbered cards, the stamp is on the back.

that's four-fifths of the pentafecta.  just need the patch to be complete.  how about this 2005 upper deck classics card?
i supersized it so you can see the 'classic materials'.  when i bought it, i thought it was a patch, but now that i have it in hand i am inclined to think that it is just a part of a lopes' cubs jersey, although it seems a bit thicker than the regular swatches we see.  it's knitted and not smooth, though, like the other dodger patches i have in my collection.

so maybe it's just a quadrofecta.  at least i'm trying!  let me know if you have a lead on any lopes patches!


night owl said...

I won't be trying. Penta-whatevers are way too fancy (re: expensive) for me to handle. I can barely deal with trifectas.

Greg Zakwin said...

If it is a Cubs' jersey swatch, then it's a Quadfecta.

Blue is acceptable if it's Dodger blue, because it'd be more patch-y material then.