07 December 2013

2x3 by pwe

jeff at 2x3 heroes has been sending me cards. again. and again.  it's always nice to find some pwe's of randomness in the mailbox.  his most recent envelopes have included some nice differently colored border parallels, such as this 2012 topps vladimir guerrero card
and this 2013 topps update clayton kershaw card
both from his friendly neighborhood walmart.  or, from walmart if not a friendly neighborhood establishment.

jeff also sent a gold bordered ricky nolasco card from 2013 topps update
nolasco is now a twin, so i'm glad topps stuck him in the update set as a dodger.

here's another card jeff sent with a colored border, only it's not from target.  the 1986 fleer star sticker cards just had red borders.
last, and actually least, here's a 2002 fleer ultra gary sheffield card
the photo here is from the same play that fleer used on its 2002 maximum sheffield card - a card that i used in an april fool's day post a few years ago.  sheff is still not my favorite.

thanks jeff!  expect to see some pwe's in your mailbox sometime soon as well!

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JediJeff said...

Note to self: GCRL hates Sheffield.