30 December 2013

a memorial patch and armband for jean r yawkey

earlier today i showed a card that featured the black armband that the red sox wore after their longtime owner, tom yawkey, passed away in 1976.  this post will focus on the memorial the red sox implemented following the death of his widow, jean r yawkey.  mrs. yawkey took over ownership of the team following the death of her husband and remained the team's owner until she passed away in february of 1992.  the team wore not a black armband, but rather a black stripe on their black sleeves with her initials in red above it.

this 1993 donruss triple play billy hatcher card is a good example
here are some others - 1993 score select phil plantier
1993 topps stadium club jack clark
1993 upper deck frank viola - front
and back
that viola card is nice because it features both home and away uniforms.  speaking of uniform variety, the red sox also used white initials with the black stripe on their spring training jerseys, as modeled by tony pena on this 1993 upper deck card
joining pena in my memorials binder is this 1993 upper deck ellis burks card which gives us a full glimpse of the memorial
mrs. yawkey was active in the boston community and also the first female on the baseball hall of fame's board of directors - a post she held.  through the yawkey family trust, the yawkey family retained ownership of the team for about 10 years following her death, until selling the team to john henry's group.  a more permanent memorial to both yawkeys exists on the green monster in fenway park - both of their initials are featured in morse code.

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