14 December 2013

for newtown, ct

today is the one-year anniversary of the sandy hook shootings in newtown, ct.  twenty children and six adults were killed at the school.  on opening day 2013, all major league teams wore a memorial patch for the victims of the massacre.

here are all of the examples i could find.

milwaukee brewers - 2013 topps khristopher davis
new york yankees - 2013 bowman platinum kevin youkilis
 houston astros - 2013 topps update erik bedard
miami marlins - 2013 topps update chad qualls
chicago cubs - 2013 topps update james russell
washington nationals - 2013 topps update rafael soriano
please let me know if you have seen other teams wearing the patch on any 2013 or 2014 releases.

update - here are a couple more examples from other teams.

atlanta braves - 2014 bowman chris johnson (thanks jeff)
los angeles dodgers - 2014 topps clayton kershaw league leader

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