28 December 2013

turned on a dime

the most recent package i received from nick over at dime boxes was a good mix of what i collect, which is to be expected when one receives a package from nick.  there were some new to me double plays, such as this 1991 leaf jeff huson
and this 1994 topps doug strange gold parallel
as well as a walmart blue parallel from 2013 topps of aaron hill
there were also plenty of dodgers, including some that featured players from other teams, like this 1996 upper deck collector's choice ramon martinez highlight/checklist that also features his brother pedro
and this 2013 topps archives 1969 topps stickers 4-in-1 that features an angel, a national, and a brewer along with matt kemp
and, of course, there were some solo dodgers, like this 1997 fleer ex-2000 eric karros card
what i didn't expect was this 'random acts of cardness' card, originated by capt kirk of captkirk42s trading cards blog
nick certainly paid it forward with this package, as he does with every trade package he sends, and i'll show some more of the dodger goodness i received later.  as for the rac card, i have already passed it along to jeff at 2x3 heroes.  who knows where it will go from there...

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